Sunday, 5 September 2010

Recent purchases

So summer has been and gone, I've had a great time even though this has been the first year I haven't had a long summer and I'm coming up to my first year being in full time employment (is that supposed to mean I'm grown up now?!).

Anyway enough of that, I love Internet window shopping but very rarely actually go through and buy items. I'll put them into the basket but just before the 'go to checkout' I chicken out. However this doesn't apply when it comes to accessories and here are a few I've recently bought.
Speaking of rings I've got my daily ring collection up to quite a nice number now. I have a few more but only wear them on special occasions, due to the fact I am quite clumsy and they have been past down the generations so are quite sacred to me. Here is my little collection...

Blue ring - Asos, silver swirl - found, pink heart - Accessorize, turquoise circle - Accessorize, gold & emerald - antique shop, stone & silver - market stall, turquoise - Asos, silver & diamond - jewellers, silver band - festival.

I'm looking out for more chunky stone rings, maybe amber as I love the richness of the colour.

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  1. eeep, pretty jewellery, love the colours!

    Great blog, definitely be back! Come follow TBAG if you fancy! xx