Thursday, 23 June 2011

I'm keen for green

We all know this summer is about colour, what with colour blocking, dip dye hair and nail art we really are embracing colour from every angle.

Whilst colour blocking isn't for me, I am still all for colour just in a more subtle way. Ever since I saw an amazing photo of some green shorts back in September I have been keeping my eye our for some ever since. Originally I was after some short shorts, but after realising they would only get worn in their naked form (i.e. not with opaque tights) on holiday, I started coming round to the idea or slightly longer more day to day wearable shorts.

In the end I went for these Topshop beauties...

There is just a bit more fabric and style to them, so I can wear them day and night and with and without tights. This is how I wore them...I really don't like posting photos of myself on here, but here we go anyway.

Below are a few more style of green shorts that I found online after a quick search.

Forever 21


I kind of wish I'd gone for the American Apparel shorts above, I think these were actually the ones I spotted in a magazine in the first place! As you can see they are a lot more casual and a darker green rather than emerald. Which ones do you prefer?

The past few weeks

A few photos from the past month or so
 My friend's little doggy
 Back home

 Decking BBQs
 Manchester artwork

Sleepy Humphrey

 Hey Little Cupcake!
Chilling at my local library

Long time no blog

So, firstly I must apologise for the long hiatus. I started a new job in April and well it seems it also gave me a kick up the arse to start other things, such as Yoga and just making the most out of my time.

Anyway, enough of me. I am back and I PROMISE to make more of an effort to keep up blogging. This is just a short text post so keep you eyes peeled for my first blog post very soon. xxx