Thursday, 6 October 2011

Photography by Luce

So my lack of blogging isn't great, but I have an excuse...

I recently started a photography night class at my local college (queue me acting like a mad women on a Tuesday getting to work at 8am rushing to my evening class for 5:30pm and finishing at 9pm!)
It's going really well so far and we are using blogs to create online scrap books to record our progress and inspiration.

If you'd like to take a peek it's or just click on the photography section on the menu above.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Roberts Radio

A lazy Sunday afternoon listening to 6 Music

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Jenny Packham - Spring/Summer 12

I come baring the gift of another video for you all! With the blogging world frantically typing away bringing updates left, right and centre from New York Fashion Week, I thought I'd simply share one of my favourite shows so far.

Jenny Packham 

Delicate sorbet colours with detailing

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Parisian Chic

Is it just me or is this new advert for LancĂ´me's new perfume ridiculously cheesy? Not that it's Emma Watson's fault, her acting can't be's the storyline, it's the purple tint, it's the cheesy backing music, I could go on...! Perfume adverts should be dramatic, luxurious and seductive as this is what we want from a perfume. It's not just about the scent either, how many of you have your perfume bottles lined up on your dressing table? 

Below I have posted some of my favourite Parisian perfume adverts (not totally sure if Dior Midnight Poison is shot there, but it's still amazing) 

Chanel 5 - Audrey Tautou

Miss Dior Cherie - Natalie Portman

Dior Midnight Poison - Eva Green

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Lanvin Fall 2011

Another amazing Fall 2011 campaign video from Lanvin. I love how Karen Elson and Raquel Zimmerman and the two male model are not trained dancers, and it has a natural playful feel to it, rather than structured and slick choreographed routine. The element of dance really does bring a lot more to the clothes! There are some stunning hats and bags in there as well, if only I had the money...

The best bit? Alber Elbaz making a cameo appearance at the end. SHAKE THAT ASS!?

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The other Kate's wedding

As I said in my last post I've been away for the past two weeks without internet access so I'm just catching up on all my usual blogs/websites and have come across the official Kate Moss wedding photos by Mario Testino, which are absolutely stunning. I'll leave you with my favs:

Another Grappa for the road

I'm back from Croatia and I can't stress enough how much of an amazing two weeks I had travelling round the country. I thought I would share a few of my favourite photos with you.


Thursday, 4 August 2011

Cats cats cats

This is Jake, he stayed at my flat for the past week along with Talulah who was camera shy.

Madam X

Even though I'm not a massive fan of radio one, I do sometimes end up listening to radio one on my phone to and from work (normally at the same time as being engrossed in the Metro too)

Over the past few days they've had a competition called 'Superstar DJs' where the prize was for an unknown DJ to get a spot this Friday night in Ibiza alongside Radio one DJs such as Annie Mac and Pete Tong. Now to be fair some of the mixes really weren't my thing, as it was obviously across a broad spectrum of music taste. However, I really took to the one girl in the competition 20 year old Madam X, who ended up coming second overall.

Having done a bit of research on the internet I can see she is actually from Manchester and part of the Murkage Cartel, a massive collective in the Manchester music scene. I used to go to a night called Monday Murkage at uni so it all brings back good memories!

Anyway, back to Madam X. She did a great remix of the new Calvin Harris with another contestant (who went on to win). They blew the other team out of the water, who chose to rip of the major lazer Pon De Floor beat (that Beyonce also sampled recently). I've posted Madam X and her team mates mix below, see what you think.

 Feel So Close- Calvin Harris Remix (Madam X, Danny Howard, and Kissy Sell Out) by Madam X

Here is another longer mix for you as well, keeping it in check with her grimy roots but adding literally too many genres for me to try and name.....I mean bird is the word is even in there?! At certain parts there are debatable fades and shifts but that does not take away from the overall vibe.

 A Hell Of A Lot Of Genres...Mashup Madness by Madam X

Go ahead and check out her Sound Cloud and Facebook page and at only 20 years old, she has potential to go far

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

We LOVE Elle

One last thing...I've just seen a picture of Elle Fanning on the cover for one of the six covers of the autumn LOVE magazine and she looks amazing. Can you believe she is only thirteen years old?! It was shot by the legendary Mert and Marcus who have shot some amazing LOVE covers in the past (think androgynous Kate Moss cover)

Elle Fanning
Image from

Lights, Camera, Action part 1

I am really looking forward to the new batch of films that are set to come out in the Autumn. Cinemas are always filled with 'blockbusters' such as Harry Potter and Transformers over the summer, and they really aren't my thing. I thought I'd post about a few I'm excited about, many due to enjoying them in book form.

We need to talk about Kevin

Starring Tilda Swinton, John C. Reilly and Ezra Miller, the film is an adaptation of Lionel Shriver’s award winning novel. In my opinion Tilda Swinton is perfect to play Eva, Kevin's mother, she comes across as a straight stern woman who is determined to fulfil her own dreams. On the other hand I'm interested to see how John C. Reilly plays the part of Kevin's father, his casting really doesn't fit the character portrayed in the novel. This may however be down to Reilly's previous comic performances so I will have  to see the film before judging anymore.
The main theme of the film is Eva's in ability to bond with Kevin and the depressing effects this has as the years goes by. The grim and murderous subject of the book put some people I've spoken to off the book, they found it too depressing and the character of Kevin sadistic. But all books can't be airy fairy and this looks to be the gritty transition to film it needed. The film premiered at Cannes this year to rave reviews and will also be part of Toronto International Film Festival. 

Have you read the book? Are you interested in seeing the film? Let me know what you think of the clips of the film. Part 2 of this feature to come soon.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Beserk Bertie

This is Bertie, but don't be fooled he is one crazy kitten. He spent most of Sunday sleeping after a few hours of attacking my hand.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Video Nasties

The title may be slightly misleading as I'm actually talking about videos I like...not videos from the 1970s that were banned due to violent content...anyway.

Over the past few months I've come across a fair few look book videos, where the designer has decided to create a video to present their new collection. As we all know fashion is probably one of the quickest industries to pick up technology and social changes, which is due to the fast paced and creative nature of the industry. It's not surprising then that the industry is turning to short feature films to display their new collections.

Now I know this is not necessarily a brand new thing, but what I love about the ones I've seen recently is the added element of humour and quirkiness. It's long been recorded that the fashion industry is quite a stuck up and dry industry (obviously I have no idea if this assumption is true or false) but lately it seems to be a lot lighter. I'm not sure if this is down to bloggers having a bigger say in fashion and it being a lot more accessible to your everyday man and woman. Through this power of blogs and social media, a lot more people are able to have their say on fashion and also share their own opinions and tips.

Anyway, back to the point. The three videos that I want to show you all are....

Mark Lupher Resort 11 Collection

Henry Holland A/W 11

Mulberry Fall 2011 Film

Orla Kiely A/W 11

So the the HH and Markus Lupfer films obviously have a more humorous tone. The stiff image portrayed throughout the films are combined with the tongue and cheek slapstick humour in HH and the oddities in Markus Lupfer. Henry Holland and Pixie Geldof pull some great faces throughout the video and Florence really does look like some kind of mentalist hoarder. 

The second two are slightly different. The 2-D imagery used in Mulberry is beautiful, and accompanies the running animal theme that we have seen at their last catwalk show. The  backgrounds paired with the models adds an element of texture to the film. The visuals were created by set designer Shona Heath and visual effect company Framestore added the high-tech animation.
At first glance I really didn't like the Orla Kiely video, it felt too disjointed and slow. However, on a second play I realised this was the whole point and that it was reminiscent of an old folk video from the 70s (very connected to the collection) and quirky as hell!

Friday, 1 July 2011

The other Kate

Photo from Daily Mail -

Photo from Grazia
The first few photos of Kate's what do we think? The rumours were right as it was confirmed the dress was designed by John Galliano and is typical Moss style - slinky, non-structured, vintage inspired and detailed. What I love about it is that it's non-conventional. As Kate lives the 'rock 'n'roll' lifestyle it would be odd to see her in a white strapless, plain structured dress. Don't get me wrong, she would have been able to pull it off...but it's just wouldn't have been right.

Don't the bridesmaids look cute? Sixteen in total, that must have been a long dress fitting session... If you look closely, I'm pretty sure the one holding Kate's hand is Sadie Frost's daughter, she looks the spitting image of her. However I'm probably wrong as I think her daughter is a bit older

So are you impressed? Which Kate had the better dress?

P.S. Come on Murray

Thursday, 23 June 2011

I'm keen for green

We all know this summer is about colour, what with colour blocking, dip dye hair and nail art we really are embracing colour from every angle.

Whilst colour blocking isn't for me, I am still all for colour just in a more subtle way. Ever since I saw an amazing photo of some green shorts back in September I have been keeping my eye our for some ever since. Originally I was after some short shorts, but after realising they would only get worn in their naked form (i.e. not with opaque tights) on holiday, I started coming round to the idea or slightly longer more day to day wearable shorts.

In the end I went for these Topshop beauties...

There is just a bit more fabric and style to them, so I can wear them day and night and with and without tights. This is how I wore them...I really don't like posting photos of myself on here, but here we go anyway.

Below are a few more style of green shorts that I found online after a quick search.

Forever 21


I kind of wish I'd gone for the American Apparel shorts above, I think these were actually the ones I spotted in a magazine in the first place! As you can see they are a lot more casual and a darker green rather than emerald. Which ones do you prefer?

The past few weeks

A few photos from the past month or so
 My friend's little doggy
 Back home

 Decking BBQs
 Manchester artwork

Sleepy Humphrey

 Hey Little Cupcake!
Chilling at my local library

Long time no blog

So, firstly I must apologise for the long hiatus. I started a new job in April and well it seems it also gave me a kick up the arse to start other things, such as Yoga and just making the most out of my time.

Anyway, enough of me. I am back and I PROMISE to make more of an effort to keep up blogging. This is just a short text post so keep you eyes peeled for my first blog post very soon. xxx

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Is it summer yet?

Wow, what an amazing two weekends of weather we have had in the UK, and the best part? It was raining and windy during the week when we were all stuck in the office. This is definitely the preferred weather arrangement.

I thought I'd share some summery photos that have caught my eye and also some of my own. All the photos below (apart from my own) are all from we heart it, which is a wonderful library of images and videos.

(Above: weheartit)
(Below: my original photos)


The photos above, bar the top three, are a selection of my own shots. I've kept to the summer theme with a mixture of trips to Malta, Brighton and Wales. I'm going to Croatia for two weeks in August and I can't wait. If you look at the pictures below, I'm sure you'll agree why!

 Summer = Winning