Monday, 17 January 2011

Don't be blue....

So, as I'm sure you've seen/heard/read today is Blue Monday. Supposedly Blue Monday is scientifically the most depressing day of the year, and to quote The Metro
According to psychologists, the combination of post-holiday debt, dull winter weather and the fading of the Christmas and New Year cheer, leads many to think of the third Monday in January as the most depressing day of the year.
So I thought I would give you some blue related items to put a smile on your faces.

Blue Monday - New Order

An obvious choice from my adopted Mancunian self. Have a boogie to this tonight and forget your worries.

Pique Chelsea Scalloped Shift Dress in Navy from ASOS

Hello Scallop cut! This cute 60's shift dress is given an updated edge with the delicate scallop cut above the waist. Perfect for the office or a meal out.

Diesel Livier Super Stretchy Mid Wash Skinny jeans

This mid-wash colour is amazing, very bright yet casual at the same time. I have a similar pair from Topshop, but sadly they've started to fade after a fair few washes. The best thing about skinny jeans (as we all know) look good with any shoe from converse to shoe boot or sandal to platforms.

And to end with....a cat!

This photo was taken by Crazy Ivory and I found it on Flickr whilst browsing. It's amazing in both the the context and colourings. The night sky is so vibrant with the city below, but what the HELL is that cat doing?! I know they have nine lives but that is taking the saying to the extreme....

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