Monday, 10 January 2011

Big in 2011 - Part Two

Sleigh Bells:

You're in for a treat(s), excuse the pun, when you take a listen to this creative duo. The debut album from Sleigh Bells is currently making waves amongst the English shores. Based in Brooklyn the pair met in 2008 and the distorted angst rock partnership was formed. With guitarist Derek Miller's hardcore roots and singer Alexis Karuss's earlier pop attempt make the pair seem an unusual coupling.

I first became aware of Sleigh Bells when Nick Grimshaw chose Infinity Guitars as record of the week back in September. The song has a riot grrrl sound to it and an unfinished edge which some how sounds so polished at the same time.

When I got my hands on the album Treats I was pleasantly surprised by the variation of styles amongst the tracks. Not only does singer Alexis Krauss posses an riot grrl snarl but her softer side can also be heard on the track Run The Heart. The song still managed to keep the distorted synth/riff sound they have won so many fans with. Sleigh Bell's album opener Tell 'Em has an odd Americana tone which one would associate with a teen movie opening scene of girls walking down the corridor. But yet again the distorted synth sounds bring back an edge back to the track and takes something that could be repetitive to a whole different level.

After taking a glimpse at tweets and youtube comments it's seems the band have been labelled 'Noise pop' which I agree with to a certain extent, but hopefully the band are big enough to overcome being labelled amongst bands such as The Naked and Famous and MGMT and keep their somewhat soft punk/hardcore edge.

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