Thursday, 2 December 2010

Smart PR move?

The video above is the new Andrex campaign entitled 'The little things' by advertising agency JWT. The advert see's Andrex replace the loveable puppy running about the house chasing loo roll with a CGI puppy going about his day preparing for the return of Mrs Andrex puppy, making a cake, collecting flowers and lastly turning over the corner of the newly replaced Andrex loo roll.

So what prompted this move? The company has said it was to 'refresh' the brand but maybe there is more of an underlying reason. We all know the British public hates change, just a quick seach of 'Bring back..' on Facebook reveals endless groups such as 'Bring back GMTV', 'Bring back Gamu from XFactor', 'Bring back vanilla Coke' and the list goes on. So with this in mind, the changing of the puppy will spark many 'Bring back the real andrex puppy' groups and #realandrexpuppy trending topics. This is a smart use of the public's voice to create PR for a company.

With Andrex being a household name, it runs the risk of being a brand that everyone knows but doesn't necessarily buy. A campaign like this will get the name back into the consumers conversations and opinions, meaning when they walk down the aisle of a supermarket they are far more likely to pick it up then a competitor such as Cushelle/Charmin or 'Soft soft soft' Velvet.

What do you think of the advert? Do you prefer the CGI puppy? Would it make you buy Andrex?

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