Wednesday, 10 February 2010

I'm blue dab a di dab a dar.

I came across the February cover for Vogue Italia (below) whilst I was reading through different blogs online.

(Pic fro Modelinia)

It made me stop, enlarge the photo and take a more detailed look. Now this isn't because I recognised Agyness Deyn or Daphne Guinness. Nor was it the gothic theme of the cover. It was the use of bright blue accessories set against black. Only this morning as I was getting ready for work when I put on a bright blue t-shirt and a black pencil skirt. Not having enough time to assess if this actually went, I decided in my head it would clash (and not the good type of clash) and changed quickly. I'm sure from a young age we are taught never to wear blue and black. Unlike most of these early fashion rules (red and green should never be seen, mustard yellow makes you look ill, don't mix patterns) this one seems to have stuck.

Now after seeing this photo, my mind is changed. The bright blue is so vibrant especially against the pale skin and dark hair. I know that was probably a bit of a boring story, but I thought I'd share it.

Blue is such a great colour in general from electric to turquoise. Here are a few pictures that show this.

(Pics from Fabsugar, Now, Google, Lanvin(, Betsy Johnson(

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