Monday, 14 March 2011

"The Iconic Kate Moss"

No matter how many times the press exclaim that Kate Moss is a supermodel of yesteryear (cue the Paris catwalk smoking scandal) who needs to step back for the likes of Coco Rocha to take the gauntlet, it simply isn't true as her latest Dior campaign shows.

The video below has a sense of reality which a lot of beauty campaigns lack amongst the staged backgrounds and scripted dialogue. It's fast moving and down to earth showing the product (lipstick) in it's everyday use. The video shows Kate apply her lipstick whilst getting ready in a luxurious Parisian apartment where she jumps into a car to go to the Dior s/s '11 show where she reapplies the lipstick before exiting to a mass of people and paparazzi. The lipstick itself looks full of moisture and easy to apply which I think is a must as I really hate when my lips dry out half way through a night.

On a last note, the advert although for Dior lipstick cleverly incorporates Dior s/s 11 catwalk show with key looks getting valuable full screen shots. If only we had that kind of money....

Anyway, enough of my chitter-chater. Take a look for yourself.

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