Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Remix and Rewind

I've always been a fan of remixes, by which I don't mean 'Dance vol 10 - club classics'. What I mean is when a talented producer takes a song often from a completely different genre and puts their own stamp on it. Below is an original song by Lauren Pritchard and the Roni Size remix beneath.

Lauren Pritchard was born in Tennesse, now residing in London is an up and coming soul singer and released 'Painkillers' earlier this year (video above). The soul roots can be heard throught out and her voice has the same sex appeal as a other modern jazz singers such as Joss Stone. It really depicts a sense of helplessness and depression of down and out through the lyrics and rich voice.

In comparaisson you take Roni Size's remix and it flips the song around. Apparently, for this track, Roni loved the vocal and song so much he felt compelled to do this remix. The remix brings a new side to the story with the addition of vocals from Talib Kweli, from being less of desperation and more of desire and lust.

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