Saturday, 7 June 2008

Here goes...

So I've finally entered the land of blogging, and its all a tad scary. I only have basic web design skills (thanks to a uni module), so you will have to bare with me!
In all honesty, im not an interesting person, but i do love reading blogs, magazines etc and also looking into new things, from music to peoples outfits. So this will probably become a place for me to vent my views.

I recently came across the new BBC switch TV programme called 'Class of 2008', and have to say i watched the first three episodes in one day.

Its basically about a load of London 'it' girls/guys, and how they are wanting to make it big in 2008, whether it be in fashion, music or just the general scene. I was pleased to see that both Daisy Lowe and Portia Freeman are featured in it, as they are both very impressive aspiring models.

Ive only recently become familiar with the work of Portia Freeman. Her tight blonde corkscrew curls are to DIE for...especially as i have straight, dark brown hair! She is the face of the new Matthew Williamson perfume, and has many magazine spreads and catwalk appearances. She also made it into the Tabloids a while back for dating Pete Doherty..which is an interesting choice of partner.

I have always lusted after Daisy Lowe's clothes, and style. The fact that she looks effortlessly cool, is a big factor in this (and that her legs go on forever!) I even have to admit buying ASOS's own version of her t-shirt (below right). I am in no doubt that she is influence by her mother Pearl (who wrote a biography 'all that glitters' last year, which is a must read), who was also a style icon in earlier years.

I think both girls embrace the 'grunge' look, but still remaining girly (thanks to their amazing model looks). Hopefully the TV programme will boost their identity, and we shall be seeing a lot
more of them over the next year!
Sorry for this shambles of an attempt... but maybe il get better soon?!

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